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Glossary of Terms - Fort Walton Beach, FL

As the planning begins, you may be introduced to new words and terms that are associated with the funeral planning process. We have provided a quick glossary for your reference.

Arrangement conference – The meeting with the funeral director in which you discuss your wishes for the funeral and the disposition of the body

Burial – Also called interment, earth burial at a cemetery is the most traditional method for final disposition of the body

Celebrant – A person who provides personalized services to a family to create a meaningful ceremony or ritual during a life transition

Columbarium – An above-ground structure for final disposition of cremated remains

Committal service – A brief graveside ceremony held with the casket or urn present before it is lowered into the ground

Cremation – A form of disposition that involves reducing the body through intense heat to cremated remains

Crypt – An above ground burial site in a mausoleum

Direct cremation – Cremation without a funeral or memorial service

Embalming – A method of preserving the body for a number of days following the death, allowing the family to view the body and hold the funeral service on a day that is convenient for out-of-town friends and relatives

Entombment – Placement of the casket in an above-ground structure called a mausoleum

Funeral – The ceremony that honors the end of a person’s life

Grave liner – An unlined outer burial container

Honorarium – The fee typically paid to a clergyperson or celebrant for officiating the funeral ceremony and to musicians or soloists for their contributions

Mausoleum – A small building in a cemetery that is like a burial plot above the ground

Niche – One of a number of recesses in the wall of a columbarium where the urn containing cremated remains is placed

Obituary – A notice in the newspaper that announces the death to the community, summarizes the person’s life and invites readers to attend the funeral and/or make memorial contributions in the name of the person who died

Pallbearers – The people who carry the casket from the ceremony to the hearse and from the hearse to the gravesite

Urn – A small vase-like container specially designed for holding cremated remains

Vault – A concrete or metal container into which the casket is placed before burial at a cemetery

Visitation – A scheduled time for family and friends to see the person who died, perhaps for the final time

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Dear Mr. Bass,

I hardly know where to begin.  From the moment I walked into your business I knew this is where I wanted the service for my husband to be conducted.  Christine Gregory was empathetic, efficient and extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  All questions were answered and I left knowing my wishes would be respected.

I never had to "check up" on any details as Christine kept me informed and every step.

As you are well aware, the death of a loved one, especially unexpectedly, places a huge emotional burden on the family.  Your beautiful facility and especially Christine removed a huge task and allowed our family to grieve together knowing things were in good hands.

Thank You All


Loretta Maurer

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Dear Kevin,

Thank You for all your assistance with my parents' service.  We enjoyed a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony and the military was beyond outstanding.  Please let your contact person know what an outstanding job they did.  Again, thank you for all your help.

Gina Knight

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We just wanted to Thank You again for all you have done for us through the Years.  You going to the cemetery on Tuesday was especially meanful that it was you and just any Funeral Director.

Thanks Again,

Joe & Betty McLain

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The Weimers Family would like to Thank you so much for all your help and compassion for taking care of Maureen Weimers funeral services.  At these emotional times it is a blessing to have someone who can handle and help with everything involved with a family members death.

Thank You

The Weimers Family

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Dear Terri,

I wanted to thank you for all your assistance with my brother Ken's service.  You helped make a trying time much easier with your professionalism, pleasantness, and understanding.  All the Giesemans appreciate all your work.  Thank you again,

Diana McMullen

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Our family is so appreciative of all you did for us during this difficult time.  We could not have a more professional and well planned service.  Thank you for all you did.

Beryl Harris & Family

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Dear Scott,

On Behalf of my family, please accept this card of thanks to you and your staff.  All fazes of my father's death was handled with care & the utmost professionalism at Emerald Coast Funeral Home.

We truly appreciate everything you have done for us & know that you all will be a part of my family & my father's life.  All our Best...

The Nacchia Family

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Dear Christine and Staff,

We could never begin to express how grateful we are to you and all that helped us to plan Dad's funeral.  Your patience, understanding, and care is appreciated more than we could ever say.  Thank you for caring for our family during this difficult time.  We feel Dad's service was beautiful and truly honored Dad's life and legacy.  We truly appreciate your support, ministry and encouragement during this difficult time.

Forever Grateful,

The James Davis Boney Family,

Kay, Debbie & Brenda

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Thank you so very much for everything you did for us during such a difficult time.  We were so overwhelmed with everything, and you made the whole process so much easier, while still feeling sympathy.  You are so wonderful at your job and for that we are appreciative.  Thank you for everything.

With love,

Chris and Audrey Hill